You can’t go wrong with a vintage wedding, especially since the topic is so broad. The term ‘vintage’ could mean any time from 1920 to 1965. That definitely leaves a lot of space for creativity. You could have a Gatsby themed wedding complete with flapper bridesmaids, faux feathers, and long strands of pearls. You could even have an old Hollywood themed wedding with a red carpet and old movies playing in the background. The possibilities really are endless, but here are some basic vintage themes to help you get an idea.

An old Hollywood themed wedding is perfect for the couple who loves vintage and old movies. You and your man could make a grand entrance to your reception on the red carpet. You could include photos of your favorite old movie stars, and you could even create a short film about your love story to be shown to your guests. To make the wedding really exciting, you could request that your guests come dressed in their fanciest old Hollywood inspired outfits.

field-of-tulips-635266_1280When choosing a color scheme, think red, black, and gold. Instead of sending traditional wedding invitations, send invitations designed to look like old movie tickets. Decorate your venue with chandeliers, feathers, and pretty lights. For a more casual, inexpensive wedding theme, serve your guests traditional movie snacks like popcorn, soda, and candy. For a more elegant old Hollywood wedding, serve them classic dishes like cob salads, lobster rolls, mini desserts, and specialty cocktails. At each table, you could place the name of one old Hollywood star with trivia questions to answer about them. Have classic, romantic quotes from old movies framed, or spelled out in decorative movie theater lights.

A Gatsby themed wedding is perfect for couples who love vintage and glam. The perfect color scheme for this wedding is gold, silver, black, and glitter! You can wear a long, straight, backless wedding dress that was very popular in the 1920’s. Long strands of pearls are an absolute must for a Gatsby wedding. Adorn your hair with a fancy feather or sequin headband for a glamorous touch. Have your bridesmaids wear flapper dresses and headbands.

To make your reception really fun, set up a photo booth complete with top hats, pearls, feathers, bow ties, sequin headbands, and a glittering backdrop. You will be guaranteed to have no bored guests at your wedding! If possible, choose a ballroom as a venue, but otherwise choose an indoor setting that you will be able to decorate yourself. Hang clear balloons from the ceiling upside down. Or, string lights all around the ceiling will create a truly magical, lavish venue. Decorate the tables with chandeliers as centerpieces and adorn them in pearls. Drape the tables with black and white striped table runners for a classy, elegant look.

For an expensive looking, yet cheap decoration, recycle old wine bottles by spray painting them gold. Fill with feathers, and a table centerpiece is created! Instead of a traditional bar, use old, vintage liquor bottles and serve them on a gold sequin table cloth.

When planning a 1950’s wedding, you can’t go wrong with pastels. Pastels were a very popular color choice in the 1950’s. Think mint green, dusty pink, and baby blue. These colors would make any wedding beautiful, and they would definitely be great choices for bridesmaid dresses. Since vintage wedding dresses are rarely found in most bridal shops, purchasing a dress online may be your best bet. Ebay, Etsy, and many vintage retailers will have a wide variety of wedding dresses for you to choose from. You may even be able to wear your grandmother’s old wedding dress, or you could choose to have your dress custom made.

Choosing decor for a vintage wedding can be really fun! Often, you may have old knick knacks or accessories hiding in your grandmother’s attic that would be the perfect vintage wedding decor! Examples could include vintage suitcases, old hankies, pillows, tablecloths, parasols, record players, typewriters, and more. You can really be creative when choosing accents for a retro wedding.

Choosing a good wedding photographer for your special day is one of the most important vendors to consider. You’ll want a dedicated team that can capture your vintage style and let you relive the magic again and again.

Thankfully, not all weddings have to include expensive caterers, and this includes vintage weddings! If you are choosing to have an old diner themed wedding, you could serve something as simple as hamburgers, shakes, and french fries. Instead of serving wine, why not serve Coca Cola? Or, who says you have to even serve a traditional meal at all? A vintage candy shop wedding could just have a candy bar and sweets! For early morning retro weddings, a simple brunch would be perfect.

For the wedding reception, you could see if you could borrow an old record player from someone and spend the day dancing away with your love to old, big band records. You could have your own swing dance! This saves the expense of hiring a band or a DJ, and it fits in perfectly with the theme. Ride away in an old mint green convertible, and you’re ready for your honeymoon!