air purifier modern designAir quality is one of the most influential health factors in your home. Not all air purifiers are the same. Though, they all claim to remove allergens from the air, it may not be the right size for your home. There are many different models and best air purifier for smoke to choose from. You might want to buy the space age looking one because it looks cool, but it might not work well in your home. One has to do the research to get the best.

Our health is influenced by the air we breathe. We are exposed everyday by small amounts of toxins, carcinogens, organic pollutants. Over time this can have a harmful effect on the body. Having an air purifier in your home can help with your health. If you have small children or elderly parents in the home, an air purifier can help to remove the germs from air. Air purifier can help remove dust which in return can improve your sleep, mood, and even lower your stress.

An important feature one can look for in an air purifier is clean air delivery rate. Clean air delivery rate measures the amount of air that can be cleaned within twenty minutes. The higher the rating the better the air purifier. Air purifier filters are another feature to look for. Filter types are a important part of an air purifier as they have different operating uses. A true HEPA filter will trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. This air filter is the standard filter for medical offices, government buildings, and airplanes. Carbon filters are used to absorb smoke, fumes, and chemicals. They need to be replaced often.

air purifierCompanies that sell air purifiers will try to convince you that their product is the best. They offer enhanced technologies in their air purifier.Some of them are common and some are company-specific. Ionizers generate electrons and expel them into the air. This weighs down the air particle and makes it become bigger so it can be trapped by the air filter or vacuumed up. Nano-silver is a standard in the medical field. It helps sanitize and sterilize medical equipment. Nano-silver particles are microscopic bits latch onto bacteria and kill them preventing bacteria from growing.

Ozone generators offer odor neutralization and fresher air. The environmental protection agency urges consumers not to uses products with the ozone feature. The danger of ozone gas on a person’s body that is exposed for more than eight hours can cause internal damage to the lungs and other organs.